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Tech 411 is back and just in time for the holiday season!  Hands-on review of the new Apple TV, Facebook streaming is better than Facebook search, 4K is growing, and watch out for exploding hoverboards.  Plus our favorite apps!

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Will you choose YouTube Red over Spotify?  Discussion on smart cards, Candy Crush acquisition, Windows 10 for Xbox One, and Nintendo's first mobile game.  Plus our favorite apps!

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Celebrity guest Mike O'Meara joins the crew to talk politics, traffics, and the cost of freemium games.  It'll blow your mind how much you're paying for free.  Plus our favorite apps of the week that know what you type and say...  All without attitude.

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Oscar flies solo and Mac attempts to be his wingman.  The guys discuss Apple's record setting iPhone sales, Adblock sells out, VR Technology is coming in full force, and VW gets caught cheating.

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Apple's big announcements covered in detail--iPad Pro, iPhone 6S/6S+, and the new Apple TV.  Plus, a Christmas present two years in the making finally arrives, a conversation about advertisements in mobile games, and our favorite apps!

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Oscar is tempted by Uber Lux in LA, Windows 10 released, the Amazon workplace, iOS 9, iPhone 6+ recalls, and new Samsung devices. Plus our favorite apps of the week!  Don't forget to download Todd's latest puzzle game, Spill Zone, at

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This week Tech 411 adds a new member into the mix--It's Mac and he's not a laptop.  Lots of hacker news with Android, Jeep, and Ashley Madison.  Also, Paypal and Uber keep growing while Google+ keeps shrinking.  Plus our favorite apps of the week!

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Tech 411 is back with the latest tech news. This week we discuss the Comcast "Stream" service, Microsoft's latest mobile news, Nintendo's CEO passes, and we review Apple Music. Plus our favorite apps of the week!

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Tech 411 is back with the latest tech news including highlights from Google IO, Apple WWDC, and E3.  Plus our favorite apps!

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Discussion of the Atari documentary and the worst video game ever published.  A new reason to camp at Starbucks.  Cloud technology gets cheaper.  And our favorite apps--AfterFocus & Duet

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The week in tech news plus our favorite apps--Pager & AdVenture Capitalist

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The next great app that will ruin society. Ordering the Apple Watch.  The sinking of the Tidal Music Store.  Plus our favorite Apps.

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Todd testifies before Congress on Patent Trolls to help small businesses while Oscar buys an Apple Watch to help our economy.  Listen to the tech show that cares.  We also discuss the Tidal Music Store, Amazon Dash, Facebook Payments, and our Favorite Apps.

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Todd returns from GDC, Apple redesigns MacBook, HBO Now available without a cable subscription, Apple Watch details, House of Cards features Monument Valley app. Plus our favorite apps-- Dwelp, Slow Shutter

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Is Apple manufacturing a new smart car?  Can a car be 3D printed?  HTC and Under Armour teaming up.  Mobile game advertisements on TV.  Mobile World Conference and Game Developers Conference start next week. Plus our favorite apps-- Pocket, Dashlane 

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Radio Shack declares bankruptcy, big win for Net Neutrality, and the cord-cutting Sling TV. Plus our favorite apps-- The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App and Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

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Drones security threat, dropcam upgrade, free stuff on iTunes, virtual reality movies at Sundance, and Microsoft announces VR HoloLens.  Plus our favorite apps--Canvas, SmartNews

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Todd recaps CES 2015, Internet of Things, finds awesome new phone for Tony Perkins (LG GFlex2), Samsung 8K 110" TV (3D without glasses), other cool devices, and Todd's crazy night in Vegas.

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