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West Virginia is trying to ban Google Glasses, Spotify will compete with Netflix video on-demand services, Facebook adds reply to comment option, Apple aquires WiFiSLAM indoor GPS company, Blackberry z10 dissapointing launch  -- Fart Cushion, Learn Chinese - Mandarin phrase book for traveling, Pic Stitch

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South By South West Coverage With Special Guest Mariam Amin, Path, Kiip, RSS Feed Reviews, specs for the Android Samsung S4, and All Your Favorite Apps -- Sweet Green, Feedly, Recipe Search.

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Google Talking Shoes, Hostile Internet Takeover By Amazon, Netflix ISP Rankings, Shaq Knows Tech and Our Favorite Apps --, Notepad++, Temple Run Oz

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iWatch, iPhone5S in August, Samsung IV rumor, Security issue with Galaxy Note 2, XBox gets exclusive content, and our favorite apps--HootSuite and 94 seconds

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