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Todd gets Google Glass, Top 10 gadgets of 2013, most talked about topics on Facebook, Get Around service allows you to rent your car to a stranger, Google TV plus our favorite apps-- Get Around, Ski Safari, Clumsy Ninja

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It's Apps x 100!  We rewind and go back over ALL our favorite apps to pick the biggest winners from the last 100 shows!  These are apps you'll want to download.

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Oscar makes a major annoucement and gives a full review of Google Glass, Snapchat turns down buyout offer from Facebook, PS4 releases plus our favorite apps-- Head Up Charades, Quell Memento, My Glass

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Google releases Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat as a Halloween treat, Oscar getting a Google Glass hookup, DC gun shot data released to public, plus our favorite apps-- Just Wink, Lumosity, Room+

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Apple announces new iPads, updated MacBook Pros, and releases Mac OS X Mavericks. BBM released for iOS/Android. NASA proves high speed Internet possible on the moon.  Plus our favorite apps-- Bitstrips, Argus, eVoice

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Elon Musk's e-mail about the Tesla bursting into flames, Twitter teams up with Nielsen ratings before their IPO, Fox News gets BAT (Big Ass Tablets), Microsoft's CEO resigns, and our favorite apps-- Over, Bop it!, Redfin

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Apple sells 9M new 5C/5S iPhones, Blackberry is getting bought for 4.7B, an affordable 3D printer and our favorite apps-- Connect Four Fun, Bands in Town, ScreenMotion

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Google acquires Bump, Twitter files for an IPO and buys MoPub, Living Social trying to reinvent itself, Voyager 1 leaves our solar system and our favorite apps-- Where's My Water 2, MX Elite, Color Zen

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iPhone 5C and 5S reviewed, Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, Microsoft acquires Nokia and our favorite apps-- Wunderlist,  Yoga Studio, Remote File Manager 

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YouTube Streaming, iPhone 5S Rumors, Teslas taking over the roads, Uber announces purchase of self driving cars, Microsoft's future, Chromecast Review, and our favorite apps--BlockPath, Songza, Watch ESPN

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Hyperloop high speed transit system, Mars One is accepting appliations to colonize Mars, Lodsys update and our favorite apps-- Fresh Books, Charity Miles, ScanBizCard Lite

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Apps Apps Apps!  We rewind and go back over our favorite apps to pick the biggest winners.

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Apple Biometric Scanning, Google's New Nexus 7, Google Chromecast, Nokia Treasure Tag, 3D Printing and our favorite apps-- Weather HD, 4 Pics 1 Song, Zagat

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Apple's Dev Portal Hacked, OLED TV for 15k, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Sim cards can be hacked, and our favorite apps-- Kickstarter, Live Phish, Cold War

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Update on the new iOS 7 Beta, Facebook Graph Search is now available, Beats by Dre announces music streaming service, Amiga Game Inc sells to a distribution company, Patent Trolls and our favorite apps-- Clear, Infinity Blade II

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Hands-on with the new Ouya console and Google Glass, Groupon Reserve competes against OpenTable, Facebook security issue on Android, Tesla battery swap, and our favorite apps--Wordify, Ballston Bid, Brainwave Starter Kit

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Google launches Project Loon, Edward Snowden leaks, Skype announces video message service, and our Favorite Apps -- Hulu Plus, Voice Recorder Pro, Where's my Summer?

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WWDC keynote discussed with a deep dive into iOS 7, the new  Mac Pro, MacBook Air, and OS X Mavericks. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 prices compared and our Favorite Apps -- Starbucks, Eat 24, National Geographic Cities

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The Xbox One and Apple WWDC conference rumorsListener questions such as jail breaking iPhones, hardware and software recommendations for starting a podcast, and game development tools for mobile. And our Favorite Apps -- Hi Guess the Brand, Dots, and Stop Watch For Old People by Free App Company

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Todd Moore reports from San Francisco with full coverage of the Google I/O conference and our Favorite Apps -- Google+, ParkMe, Flame Painter

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Pete Erickson from MoDevUX joins to discuss the latest tech news: YouTube subscription service, Google Play Store arrives on Nook HD devices, Google Glass and other wearable devices, and our Favorite Apps -- Gmail, SworKit Pro, PlugShare

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Apps Apps Apps!  We rewind and go back over our favorite apps to pick the biggest winners.

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Todd and Oscar Recap their trip to China (Internet Access, Getting Around, Apple Store, Cell Service) and the MoDevAsia conference in Hong Kong.  Todd recaps his Facebook developer conference in NY.  And our favorite apps--Bloomberg Radio and Twitter #music

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April Fools Jokes by Google, Twttr, Hulu, and YouTube. Rebecca Johnson explains how she is saving lives with 1970's technology, and all your favorite apps -- Car2Go, Text Wrangler, What's The Phrase, Wedding

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West Virginia is trying to ban Google Glasses, Spotify will compete with Netflix video on-demand services, Facebook adds reply to comment option, Apple aquires WiFiSLAM indoor GPS company, Blackberry z10 dissapointing launch  -- Fart Cushion, Learn Chinese - Mandarin phrase book for traveling, Pic Stitch

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South By South West Coverage With Special Guest Mariam Amin, Path, Kiip, RSS Feed Reviews, specs for the Android Samsung S4, and All Your Favorite Apps -- Sweet Green, Feedly, Recipe Search.

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Google Talking Shoes, Hostile Internet Takeover By Amazon, Netflix ISP Rankings, Shaq Knows Tech and Our Favorite Apps --, Notepad++, Temple Run Oz

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iWatch, iPhone5S in August, Samsung IV rumor, Security issue with Galaxy Note 2, XBox gets exclusive content, and our favorite apps--HootSuite and 94 seconds

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Google Chromebook Pixel comes with 1TB of cloudness, secrets of three tiers, and our favorite Apps--LoopNet and what?

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PS4 tech specs reviewed, Tesla fights with reporter from NYT, Apple hacked and security, and our favorite apps--What's the Word and Live Wallpaper

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Ant Pruitt joins the show and hacks our portal, Oscar needs a support group for his new Vine addiction, Google+ beats Twitter in blind taste test, and our favorite apps--Vine, GifBoom, and Ingres

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Lots of apps enter our show but today only 2 will survive.  It's our own app thunderdome and you've got a ticket to watch from a safe distance.

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Adam Carolla getting sued by an ugly patent troll, Developer outsources his job to China so he can watch more YouTube, Facebook Graph, iOS 7 Wishlist, and our favorite apps--Temple Run 2 and Scout Mob

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New netflix content arrives, RIM BlackBerry 10 coming with 15,000 apps, UberTaxi pulling up soon, Disable Java immediately, and our Favorite Apps-Task Paper & Vivino

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Our favorite things at CES 2013, how to get your iPhone back using OKCupid, and our favorite apps--System Console and Icon Pop Quiz

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