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DC city council fights with Uber, Mountain Lion released and we discuss all the new features, NBC Olympics broadcast out of sync with Twitter, and our favorite apps--Tiny Wings HD, NBC Olympics, and Twizgrid - Twitter Photo App

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Viacom and DirecTV bury the hatchet, 40 Hour Diablo III binge blamed for sudden death of 18 year old, Gold Farming explained, get ready to buy all new iPhone5 accessories, story of an Xbox developer, and our favorite apps--Fez, Flow, and Matching with Friends.

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Tech meets funny when Mike O'Meara and Robb Spewak from The Mike O'Meara Show (TMOS) joins Oscar and Todd to discuss China oursourcing.  Microsoft annouces the new version of Office.  And our favorite apps--Vinyl Love, I'd Cap That, and PaperKarma

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Apple cracks down on App Ranking manipulation, Galaxy Tab injuction, iPad copyrights, Google Glasses, Microsoft Windows 8 Upgrade price, DNS Changer Malware, and our Favorite Apps of the Week--Podcasts, GrubHub, and NOAA HiDef Radar

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