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Angry Birds Space launched today, iPad 3s are getting hot, Free Apps drain Battery Life, Pirate Bay is building SkyNet, Vibrating Tattoos coming soon, and our Favorite Apps--Apple Remote and Lemon

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Turntable.FM is growing, Britannica is dying, Siri has serious problems, Apple TV goes 1080P, Discussion of which iPad 3 you should buy, and our Favorite Apps--Fooducate and Action Movie FX

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Full coverage of the iPad 3rd Generation annoucement which includes Retina display, 4G networking, new camera, and voice dictation for the same price as the iPad 2.  Google Android Store renames itself to the Play Store.  And our favorite apps of the week--Heart Rate and Fast Camera

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Oscar and Todd review their favorite apps from shows 11 to 20.  Find out if they are still using them or if the apps got deleted.

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