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Todd test drives the Tesla Model S, review of Google's Top Android Apps of 2012, Zuckerberg has a sister concerned about privacy, and our favorite apps--Amazon Mobile & Magic Piano

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Google Maps finally arrives to iOS, Instagram wants to sell your photos, Souless Corporations and the fights between them, New Facebook Sexting App might be underway, and our Favorite Apps--Google Maps and Ski Safari

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Apple Maps may leave you stranded without water, a company offering tickets to the moon, the top 5 computer monitors, and our favorite apps--IntoNow and SongPop

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Oscar tells us his top 3 products perfect for any geek, MacBook Pro Retina display lag and ghosting issues, NASA Curiosity finds organic traces of unknown origin, and our favorite apps--NFL Mobile and FitBit

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Oscar visits the Microsoft Store and uses Surface, Todd's plan for a new desktop computer, Gmail supports 10G attachments with Google Drive, Latest Space News, and our Favorite and RecipeDistiller

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Tech lessons for Petraeus and future CIA directors, Verizon DNA launched with 5" 1080P screen with specs that blow away the Retina display, the best phones for battery Life, and our favorite Apps--Letterpress Word Game and Amtrak

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Apps Apps Apps!  We rewind and go back over our favorite apps to pick the biggest winners.

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Full coverage of the Apple annoucement of iPad Mini, iPad 4th generation, and more.  Microsoft officially launches Windows 8 and the Surface tablet.  And our favorite apps--Sonic Jump, Untappd, and IMBScan

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Felix Baumgartner jumps from edge of space and sets world records for Red Bull Stratos,  don't post undercover cops on Facebook, Apple rumor roundup, the movie Argo, and our favorite apps--Reminders and Solar Walk

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SpaceX Dragon capsule launches, iPhone 5 Purple camera flares, Angry Birds partners up with Star Wars, Zynga shares tumbling, Sprint makes dialing phone numbers easier, and our favorite apps--iTunes Festival, Activision Anthology, Bad Piggies

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Apple Maps problems, Facebook/Dropbox join forces, iPhone5 WiFi issues, BlackBerry 10 coming, and our favorite apps--Brit + Co., Bing, and The Simpsons: Tapped Out

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Review of Oscar's iPhone 5, major issues with iOS 6 Maps and App Store, MySpace making a comeback, and our favorite apps--Top Charts, Battery Doctor +, Timbre

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iOS 6 publically available for download, iPhone 5 comes out Friday, Google buys the app Snapseed, and our favorite apps--Field Runners 2 and Google Drive

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iPhone 5! iPhone 5! iPhone 5! iPhone 5! iPhone 5! iPhone 5! iPhone 5! iPhone 5! OK it wasn't that exciting but we will give you all the details and our no bs opinions.  We also discuss our favorite apps--360 Panorama and Mike O'meara show.

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iPhone5 rumors, HBO cuts the cord overseas, Windows 8 will allow downgrading back to Vista, and our favorite apps--Scramble with Friends and Madden NFL 12

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Neil Armstrong dies at age 82, Samsung/Apple verdict, Facebook finally fixes their iPhone app, and our Favorite Apps--Sleep Talk Recorder, National Parks by National Geographic, and Fantasy Football Draft '12 for Yahoo/ESPN

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Oscar and Todd review all their favorite apps from Shows 31 to 40.  Find out which app wins!

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NASA successful at landing on Mars, TRS-80 celebrates 35 years, Samsung will pay you up to $300 for your phone, and our favorite apps--Spa Now and AutoRap

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DC city council fights with Uber, Mountain Lion released and we discuss all the new features, NBC Olympics broadcast out of sync with Twitter, and our favorite apps--Tiny Wings HD, NBC Olympics, and Twizgrid - Twitter Photo App

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Viacom and DirecTV bury the hatchet, 40 Hour Diablo III binge blamed for sudden death of 18 year old, Gold Farming explained, get ready to buy all new iPhone5 accessories, story of an Xbox developer, and our favorite apps--Fez, Flow, and Matching with Friends.

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Tech meets funny when Mike O'Meara and Robb Spewak from The Mike O'Meara Show (TMOS) joins Oscar and Todd to discuss China oursourcing.  Microsoft annouces the new version of Office.  And our favorite apps--Vinyl Love, I'd Cap That, and PaperKarma

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Apple cracks down on App Ranking manipulation, Galaxy Tab injuction, iPad copyrights, Google Glasses, Microsoft Windows 8 Upgrade price, DNS Changer Malware, and our Favorite Apps of the Week--Podcasts, GrubHub, and NOAA HiDef Radar

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Google rumors with Google IO upon us, Kin DotCom endorsed by The Woz, iPhone5's new feature, BlackBerry looking worse than ever, and our favorite apps--Nest Mobile and The Night Sky.

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All about the new Microsoft Surface Tablet, Verizon Fios Quantum hits record speeds, keep your kids away from Skout, and our favorite apps--Viggle and My XBox Live

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Special guest host Marc Ronick joins to discuss all the Apple news on iOS 6, Mac Book Pro with Retina Display, OSX Mountain Lion, and our favorite apps--Facebook Camera and MailChimp

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Samsung Galaxy S III specs, Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo, Xbox 360 getting SmartGlass, iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Rumors, and our favorite apps of the week--Gender Gap and Motorbike

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Oscar and Todd review their favorite apps from shows 21 to 30.  Find out which ones we still use and which ones got deleted.

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Getting in on the Facebook IPO, walk-thru of Windows 8, Verizon wants to move everyone to shared data plans, and our favorite apps--Scottrade and Banjo

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Todd recaps his visit on the congressional advisory comitte for mobile apps and privacy.  Google gets approval for autonomous cars in Nevada.  Oracle wins against Google in infringement trial over Java in Android.  And our favorite apps of the week--Trip Tracker and Perfect Image

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Todd's lunch with Steve Wozniak, Microsoft's Lumia 900 Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 coming soon with cash for developers, Google Street View and the rogue engineer, and our favorite apps--Embark DC and Seafood Watch

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Draw Something Updated, 8k BlackBerry for the rich and famous, Twitter Patents only used for defense, Cochella Hologram discussion, and our Favorite Apps--Voxer and Showtime Anytime

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Instagram purchased for 1 billion dollars by Facebook, Facebook security issue, iPhone 5 and iPod 5 rumors, Nokia Lumia 900 released, Sell your app on an E-bay like service, and our favorite apps--Draw Something and Mileage Log

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Xbox updated to search all services with kinect, Steve jobs disliked the name Siri, Girls Around Me yanked from the App Store over privacy concerns, Google Drive coming soon, and our favorite apps--Ugly Meter Pro and Uber

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Angry Birds Space launched today, iPad 3s are getting hot, Free Apps drain Battery Life, Pirate Bay is building SkyNet, Vibrating Tattoos coming soon, and our Favorite Apps--Apple Remote and Lemon

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Turntable.FM is growing, Britannica is dying, Siri has serious problems, Apple TV goes 1080P, Discussion of which iPad 3 you should buy, and our Favorite Apps--Fooducate and Action Movie FX

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Full coverage of the iPad 3rd Generation annoucement which includes Retina display, 4G networking, new camera, and voice dictation for the same price as the iPad 2.  Google Android Store renames itself to the Play Store.  And our favorite apps of the week--Heart Rate and Fast Camera

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Oscar and Todd review their favorite apps from shows 11 to 20.  Find out if they are still using them or if the apps got deleted.

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Microsoft Azure scales to your traffic, VR with Google Goggles, App Store about to hit 25 Billion downloads, Media Center DVR, and our favorite apps--VLC 2.0 and HandBase

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Google TV updated YouTube app, iPad 3 rumors, Angry Birds on facebook and everywhere else, Apps for curing Anxiety, and our favorite apps of the week--Foodspotting and Dominos Pizza

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The latest iPhone 5 and iPad 3 rumors, Oscar's Groupon marketing secrets, Path App uploads your address book, and our favorite apps--Evernote and Speedtest

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Arcade Quiz #2 for a chance to win Todd's book Tap, Move, Shake.  Coverage of Google Music, Google Earth, Facebook Timeline, and our favorite apps--Yelp and something you just won't believe.

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Apple's annoucement about digital textbooks, SOPA blackout, Anonymous strikes against universal music and DOJ, and our favorite apps--Fast Typer and Park Mobile

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Recap of Todd's book signing at MoDevDC, review of CES 2012 product annoucements, and our favorite apps--Blocks Classic, EZ Word Cheats

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Verizon backtracks on wanting 2 dollars, Microsoft smart watches killed, the latest browser stats, Mame ported to Chrome, Playbook price slash, and our favorite apps--Temple Run and GasBuddy

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