Todd Moore and Oscar Santana talk technology news, reviews, and products you need to own. Listen to Tech 411 with the Playapod mobile app for iOS and Android.

Oscar and Todd discuss NetFlix's latest price hike, new music service Spotify comes to the US, Droid 3 released, new Verizon data plans, and our favorite apps--iMapMyRide, Rush Hour, and The Heist.

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Mark Milian from CNN joins us to chat about Google+, Skype on Facebook, and tablets other than the iPad.  We end the show with our favorite apps--Path, PS Mobile, and Nike+ GPS.

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Oscar and Todd discuss the new Google+ social network and special guest Patrick Igoe of joins us to provide insight into Lodsys.  We also discuss Final Cut Pro X, Skype for Android, and our favorite apps of the week--VirtualDJ Home and CardStar.

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