Todd Moore and Oscar Santana talk technology news, reviews, and products you need to own. Listen to Tech 411 with the Playapod mobile app for iOS and Android.

The failure of RIM BlackBerry, Online Banking issues, NetFlix, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Google Search, Wii U, and Duke Nukem Forever.  Oscar and Todd end the show with our favorite games for the iPad--Osmos, World of Goo, War Pinball HD, and Angry Birds Rio.

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Todd Moore reports from WWDC in San Francisco and gives you all the details about iOS 5 and iCloud.  Oscar and Todd finish the show with their favorite apps--Photosynth and HBO GO.

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Lodsys taking iOS and Android developers to court. Apple releases info on WWDC.  Protect your Mac from MacDefender. Twitter adds photos. What's in your Google wallet?  As always, we finish with our favorite apps--LastPass and Flashlight

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