Todd Moore and Oscar Santana talk technology news, reviews, and products you need to own.

Samsung announces the Galaxy S5, Nokia X is going Android, Netflix makes a deal with Comcast, Facebook purchases WhatsApp, and XBox One price drop in UK. Today's show brought to you by Duck Run (Flappy Bird 2.0) and our favorite apps -- QuizUP, Guess the 90's, AlertID Mobile

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Flappy Bird removed in effort to bring peace on Earth.  Is Amazon building a new game console?  Price drop on LG curved TVs and our favorite apps-- NEW!  Tech 411 Show, Help Me Fly, Taasky

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Recorded in the new Washington DC studio!  Super Bowl tech ads, VOD targeted ads, future of Nintendo, car to car communicaiton, and our favorite apps-- Paper-Stories from Facebook, Unroll Me, SwiftKey Note

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