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North Korea, Cyber-security, and the destruction of Sony. iPhone 6 secrets everyone needs to know before buying.  Plus our favorite apps--Inbox and Elevate

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Mike O'Meara joins Tech 411 for tech advice, TMOS Secret Santa and holiday gifts, flying mistletoe. Plus our favorite apps-- SkyDroid - Golf GPS, The Houze AR

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Aereo loses their battle against the cable companies and files for bankruptcy, Uber is caught in a PR mess, Oscar defines net neutrality, Bumble dating app for women who like to take charge. Plus our favorite apps - Motorola Connect, Princess Story   



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Taylor Swift vs Spotify, Yik Yak vs Secret, World vs iMessage and the Apple fix to deregister it, Amazon Echo, 5K iMac, Call of Duty. Plus our favorite apps -, Yik Yak

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Amazon announces $39 Fire TV Stick, Spotify and iTunes revenue, CVS and Rite Aid pull Apple Pay after four days, Xbox One price drops, Ni Hao Mark Zuckerberg. Plus our favorite apps - Drizle, RETRY

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Google announces Android 5.0 Lollipop and new Nexus devices. Apple releases iOS 8.1, Apple Pay, Mac OS X Yosemite, iPad Air 2, iMac 5K, and more. HBO and CBS streaming will be available for cord cutters next year.  Plus our favorite apps - Gif Keyboard by Riffsy, 7 Minute Workout

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In-app-purchase comes to Hulu, bluetooth beacons and location profiling, Facebook messenger's secret agenda, and Todd's Amazon Prime addiction. Plus our favorite apps - Belly, Fragment

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How much force does it take to bend an iPhone 6?  Windows 10 skips over 9, Tinder for rich people, FCC protects your unlimited data. Plus our favorite apps - Google Apps for Business, Animoto

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What has Apple been working on for 2 years?  Let's talk iPhone 6, Apple Watch, Apple Pay and more!  Now that the iPhone 6 is releasing tonight, will Todd switch back or stay with Android?  And of course our favorite apps!

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Adam Carolla's patent troll battle is over, Uber's evolving with Corner Store and UberPool, Amazon could be the best Advertising Network and Compulsive is featured on iTunes. Plus our favorite apps-- MTailor, Google Analytics

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