Todd Moore and Oscar Santana talk technology news, reviews, and products you need to own.

Lots of apps enter our show but today only 2 will survive.  It's our own app thunderdome and you've got a ticket to watch from a safe distance.

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Adam Carolla getting sued by an ugly patent troll, Developer outsources his job to China so he can watch more YouTube, Facebook Graph, iOS 7 Wishlist, and our favorite apps--Temple Run 2 and Scout Mob

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New netflix content arrives, RIM BlackBerry 10 coming with 15,000 apps, UberTaxi pulling up soon, Disable Java immediately, and our Favorite Apps-Task Paper & Vivino

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Our favorite things at CES 2013, how to get your iPhone back using OKCupid, and our favorite apps--System Console and Icon Pop Quiz

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