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We discuss the top 10 tech news of 2011 along with our favorite apps--Stuck on Earth, and Zillow Mortgage Marketplace

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Facebook Timeline reviewed, IBM makes 5 predictions, HTC Android phones being banned, NBC streaming superbowl, Upload movies and go to jail, and our favorite apps of the week--Red Box and Vintage Cam

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Oscar and Todd review their favorite apps from the first ten shows.  Find out if they are still using them or if the apps got deleted.

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Microsoft XBox 360 dashboard updated, Carrier IQ security issue, Facebook photo bugs, Alec Baldwin really likes Words with Friends, Todd's special announcement, and our favorite apps--AOL Radio and Happy Hours

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Republic Wireless WiFi phone service, Adobe Flash for mobile killed, Google news, Kindle Fire vs Nook, and our favorite apps--Meetup and Adam Carolla Official App

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Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, Secrets behind the famous Earth Photo, Netflix, Siri ported to jailbroken iPhone4, iOS 5 battery life tips, and our Favorite Apps--Twitter Stream HD and Google Translate

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Steve Job's Book, Guerrilla mail fights spam, Blackberry outage reduces traffic accidents, the female voice of Siri, and our favorite apps--Lose It! and Find My Friends

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Tribute to Steve Jobs, Netflix backtracks on Quikster, 1 million iPhone 4S purchases in 24 hours, Facebook finally comes to iPad, and our favorite apps--Facebook and Soundboard for iPad

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Full coverage of the newly annouced iPhone 4S, Todd's interview w/ CNN, Spotify update, and our Favorite Apps--Jimmy Kimmel Live & Waze GPS & traffic

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Facebook changes along with Spotify integration disappointments, New Mac Trojan Alert for Adobe Flash, Secret iPhone5 killer feature, and our favorite apps--Instagram and Where's my Water?

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